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Jackson SimpleModule for JSON:API serializers and deserializers.
JSON:API specific configuration.
The list of possible affordance types.
Class to build a single JSON:API compliant error.
Class to build JSON:API compliant error messages.
Specifies the JSON:API id of a resource object.
LinkDiscoverer implementation based on JSON:API link structure.
Spring configuration for JSON:API support.
Specifies if this field/method should be serialized to and deserialized from JSON:API meta.
Builder API to create complex JSON:API representations exposing a JSON:API idiomatic API.
This class represents a JSON:API object compliant to the see JSON:API 1.1 specification.
Specifies the JSON:API relationships of a resource object.
Specifies the JSON:API type of a resource object.
Specifies the JSON:API type for resource objects of this class.
Provides the JSON:API media type application/vnd.api+json.